Improve helps you power improvement projects using data from Outcomes and Audit. These projects help you carry out best practices in effective improvement using Qualaris' improvement approach that you can learn more about here.

Improvement Projects can be created for under any topic name and be topic-wide (e.g. housewide in many cases) or for a specific unit. Projects are viewable by all users and editable by software Administrators.

The Improve homepage organizes all of your organization's active improvement projects within Qualaris. By default you will only see the projects you have starred, making it a breeze to find your relevant information. Projects can be shown filtered by topic (e.g. "here's all the different unit and topic-wide projects for the topic CAUTI"). Projects can also be shown filtered by unit (e.g. "here's all the projects for Unit 1N for all active topics"). Favorite projects can be starred for quick access along with unit-based filters and key word searching. New Improvement Project can be used to launch a new project.

Create New Improvement Project lets you create new projects. Existing topics can be reused or a new topic can be created at any time. Each project must have a specified unit or be topic-wide (all units).

New Improvement Projects start empty with space to set a Goal and add outcome and process measures.

Adding a Goal and Measures allows you to focus on specific processes you want to improve alongside your outcome of interest. Outcome Measures reference data collection tools created with the Outcome tool on the top bar. Process Measures reference data collection tools created with the Audit tool on the top bar.

Attachments enables you to upload and attach files to your improvement project that your entire team can view. You may have created a detailed project description or summary that you want the entire team to refer to or have initial context that is important to share with your teammates.

Project Notes let you keep track of key events in your project. These notes become annotations on your outcome and process measure run charts.

Insights helps you find gaps in your process data to focus on improving. Learn more about Insights.

Opportunities lets you and your team gather opportunities for improvement that you can discuss and prioritize working on over time. Learn more about Opportunities.

Tests of Change helps you plan, carry out, and then evaluate changes you're making to more reliably produce your outcomes. Learn more about Tests of Change.

Data Collection is a sub-tool for Improve designed to you set and track audit collection over time against a collection goal. Along with collection counts over time you'll also have a table showing you audit collection counts by user account. You'll have the option to setup tracking for any audit you add to your improvement project. Learn more about Data Collection.

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