Overview of Manage

Manage provides tools to Administer the Qualaris product at your organization.

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Manage provides tools to Administer the Qualaris product at your organization. Access is limited to software Administrators.

User Accounts allows managers to invite and manager users for Qualaris. Accounts are typically created through invitations sent to your organization's email accounts. Email-based invitations are limited by default to your organization's email domain, only. Pending invitations that haven't yet been accepted are listed, allowing you to track sign-ups and re-send invitations as needed. Accounts can be created without email addresses by selecting "User has no email address?".

Preconfigured Fields allows you to manage choice fields used between multiple audits. Two commonly used preconfigured fields are Units and Occupation.

Groups used to tag and sort audits can be created and edited using the Administator's tool.

Raw Data allows Administrators to search through collected audit data and edit and delete erroneous submissions. Start by selecting an audit form and a date range. If more than 500 data points are included in the search, the data range should be reduced before moving forward. Using Show/Hide Column, you can decide which fields you'd like to view for each submission. For example, you might decide to add the Unit column to review all audits in a specific unit. 

Institution Settings allows Administrators to configure settings for your organization's account like Fiscal Year Start Month and Day. Configuring your fiscal year into Qualaris makes options like "This Fiscal Year" available in date pickers like Analyze Dashboards and Improve Overview.

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