With Spot Checks, you'll quickly see which parts of your safety practice are consistently performed and which need improvement.

See a list of your Spot Checks in the "Spot Check" tab. If you're just getting started, you'll have a single type of Spot Check, called Daily Quality Check. This should be completed once per day and contains a list of the recurring safety practices that keep your employees and customers safe.

Each Daily Quality Check contains a list of questions. Work your way down the list, reading and answering each question, similar to filling out an online survey.

After answering all required questions, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. Results are immediately saved and reports and charts are automatically updated.

Pro Tip: as part of your submission, you can also share the details of the spot check along with a comment by email. This is helpful when you encounter issues that require immediate attention. An example is sending yourself a note for future follow up or alerting a colleague to an issue requiring an urgent fix.

Your goal is to complete Daily Quality Checks once per day. This ensures that your safety practices are carried out consistently.

You can leverage Spot Checks for many other common processes in your business. To do this, create a custom Spot Check from scratch. Check out how in this article.

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