What outcome do you want to reliably produce? Zero preventable infections each month? An excellent care experience for each patient reflected in satisfaction scores? As obvious as it seems, setting a clear, measurable goal with a time frame helps everyone focus on making improvements towards the same end.

Examples of measurable goals:

  • "Reducing the C. diff infection rate by 50% in 12 months"
  • "Reduce annual falls by 50% (20 → 10) by the end of 2018"
  • "Reduce catheter utilization ratio by 10% in 6 months"

How Qualaris supports this step: 

An Improvement Project's overview page prominently features a goal at the top of the page to reinforce the current focus of the project. Learn more about using Improve.

Recording outcomes data is easy with the Outcomes feature. The outcome data can then be incorporated into Improvement Projects. Learn more about Outcomes.

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