Not everything you try will work. But, when you discover changes that work, get all the benefits you can from it! Helping others learn about your successes can boost the progress of other teams and help everyone improve faster. 


In the previous example, an infection prevention team was attempting to mitigate a contact precaution signage issue with a countermeasure in a specific unit. If the change resulted in improved process adherence then the team might evaluate whether the same technique could solve similar problems in other units for the same infection prevention process step or if the same technique may be applicable to other types of issues. No single change or technique will be a magical cure-all but carefully applying and sharing examples of how the problem solving process unfolded will help other teams solve similar problems.

How Qualaris supports this:

Ongoing and past Improvement Projects, Opportunities for improvement, Tests of Change, and all supporting data are easily found by logging into the application from a computer or mobile device, making all improvement work automatically transparent and shared.

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