Opportunities for Improvement is a place to keep track of potential issues, ideas, and enhancements for an Improvement Project. Keeping these Opportunities in one place for Improvement Projects means the team can quickly review and discuss Opportunities and can be used to prioritize changes you'd like to test. No more scribbling quick notes or struggling to remember the great idea from yesterday. Opportunities can come from many sources such as observed process data (Audit), from staff members involved in the daily work, or root cause analyses of specific incidents.

Opportunities for Improvement are one part of how Qualaris helps you carry out best practices in effective improvement. Learn more about Qualaris' improvement approach here.

Opportunities are organized as a list and can either be "Open" if they're being actively worked on or "Closed" once they are resolved or no longer relevant.

It's convenient to keep track of closed Opportunities to preserve discussions and keep track of work that has been accomplished.

An Opportunity consists of a Title and a description containing the details of the Opportunity. A typical Opportunity might include the result of a root cause analysis with multiple team members commenting and discussing Opportunity. 

Opportunities Sidebar

Referenced by - A list of any Tests of Change that list this Opportunity as a target, meaning those Tests of Change are attempting to impact whatever was described in this Opportunity.

Assignees - Designate one or more point people who are responsible for this Opportunity.

Insights - Opportunities can also directly include process data in the form of embedded Insights charts. These are added from the Insights page and can be updated or removed by clicking on them in the Opportunities sidebar.

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