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A brief overview of our product and how it helps you improve
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Qualaris helps streamline and organize quality improvement with approachable tools for data collection, analysis, and project management.

Our web-based software is accessed at https://app.qualaris.com and works well on workstation browsers, smartphones, and tablets connected to the internet.

Gathering process data is easy with Audit. Simply pick the audit of interest, complete the observation form, and then submit. No paper. No spreadsheets. Learn more about Audit.

Track your improvement results with Outcomes. Whether it’s falls, infection rates, satisfaction scores, or anything else, you can track your project outcomes. Learn more about Outcomes.

You can immediately see your data with Analyze. Stop waiting and view your data immediately with real-time dashboards and email-based reporting. Learn more about Analyze.

Organize and streamline your projects with Improve. Improve helps you bring together  project data, documentation, tasks, files, and communications. It’s all of your project stuff in one place everyone can use. Learn more about Improve.

All users can collect audits, view results, and contribute to projects. Administrator users can manage your software, design and edit tools and projects, and track outcomes.

We’ve put together our best advice for each Qualaris tool with short videos that will save you time and set you up for success. Just click the question mark (❓).

Lastly, we love to hear from and help our customers, so don't be shy if you have questions.

Happy improving!

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