Auditor Attributes

Keep track of characteristics of the auditor who submitted data

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When submitting an Audit, it can be helpful to know specific information about the auditor. Only basic auditor information such as name and username are included by default, which isn't always enough. Auditor Attributes are a way to include auditor-specific information when auditors submit data, such as role, home location, etc.

Once created, any Auditor Attributes are required to be filled out during a user's registration and can be modified by each user in their own account settings.

Administrators can configure the available Auditor Attributes in the Manage section.

Currently, the Auditor Attributes can be viewed in the raw data CSV download. All Audit Attributes will be present in all Audit data for all Projects.

User's are required to select Auditor Attributes during registration:

Users can also change Auditor Attributes from their settings page:

Administrators can add and edit Auditor Attributes from the Manage menu under the Auditor Attributes page:

Auditor Attributes are visible for further analysis in the raw CSV export data:

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