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Setting, Managing, and Reminding Auditors about Data Collection Goals
Setting, Managing, and Reminding Auditors about Data Collection Goals

Improve data collection by setting visible collection assignment goals and sending email reminders.

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To help project leaders ensure adequate data collection for their processes, we've added configurable audit collection plans that will help staff easily keep track of and complete their data collection assignments.

For Auditors

When logging in, auditors will see current assignments summarized in the sidebar. They see the Audit's name and current completion status for the time period. This gives a quick, visual display of what is left to accomplish for the time period and provides a quick link to immediately enter more data. The Audit page will also show the current status and update when data is added.

For Project Leaders

Project leaders can quickly see who is on track to meet their goal, configure collection goals for individuals, and send email prompts and reminders to multiple users at once, efficiently ensuring enough data is collected for each project.

The main idea is to give project leaders tools to understand individual collection status, show collection goals to auditors when they enter the app, and quickly send email reminders when appropriate.

Configuring assignments is also simple. Project leaders with admin access can add or edit assignments by clicking the "Collection Goals" tab for a given Audit.

It's also simple for project leaders to send emailed reminder messages to auditors with collection goals. In the Collection Goals tab, select the user or users who should receive a reminder and click "Send Reminder". In the pop up window, project leaders can write in a subject and message or load a templated message. This is a flexible option, and can be used in many ways. A few common messages:

  • Letting an auditor know about being newly assigned a goal

  • Mid-month reminder to finish audits

  • Congratulations on finishing the assigned collection goal

Another helpful concept is the reminder templates. These allow project leaders to save commonly used messages that can be reused and sent with just a few clicks. When sending a reminder, the subject and message can be loaded from a template. The template content can also be edited before being sent. This is a powerful way to easily send multiple messages throughout the time period, helping remind the Auditors of their collection goals and congratulating them when they have completed their assignments.

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