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Example: Deeper Understanding Through Comments: View Free Text Comments
Example: Deeper Understanding Through Comments: View Free Text Comments

Sometimes auditors need to include extra information in free-text fields. Show these comments on the Dashboard or in Explore.

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Sometimes there is unstructured data that needs to be collected, such as selecting the option "other" and providing extra details, additional comments from the auditor, or a description of coaching performed during the audit. This information is incredibly helpful when analyzing a critical process but it doesn't fit nicely into a predefined field in an audit, which means it is also harder to view and make use of.

With the table widget and the ability to edit Dashboards, we can take one step closer to more easily surfacing these hidden gems. The table widget will list all unique entered data for the field we specify, so if we pick a free-text field we will see all the unique comments for the time range under analysis. Here's an example.

Note: you'll want to be familiar with adding Widgets to a Dashboard. Full details are here. You will also need to have administrator privileges.

  • In Explore, select the free-text field for analysis

  • Switch the Chart Type to Table

  • Click the "Add To Dashboard" button and select desired Dashboard

  • View your new free-text table in your Analyze Dashboard!

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