You can easily configure a Dashboard to quickly see data collection trends and work with teams on improving data collection habits and processes. It's often useful to show data collection counts by:

  • Unit

  • Shift

  • Day of Week

  • Auditor

If you notice an issue with counts of data collected, you then know where to focus your effort and which areas of your data collection program need improvement.

Let's walk through creating an example Dashboard for keeping an eye on data collection.

You'll want to be familiar with adding Widgets to a Dashboard. Full details are here.

We're going to modify the existing Summary Dashboard to include 3 new count charts that will help us keep an eye on data collection.

  • First, start by finding the Summary Dashboard you want to modify.

  • Then click into the Explore tool.

  • Create the 3 charts, one at a time, and add them to the Summary Dashboard.

  • Once we navigate back to the Dashboard, you'll now be able to see real-time counts broken down by unit, shift, and day of week.

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