Working to improve compliance can be a daunting task. It's difficult to find where to focus when there are many parts of a process that all need to work together. Fortunately, Qualaris' analytics allow you to break down your Audit data and view specific checklist items over time, allowing you to direct your focus with maximum impact.

We'll walk through an example of adding a breakdown of all checklist item performance over time, and adding visualizations to show a specific checklist item's performance. This will let you and your team quickly find which part of your process might be backsliding or need attention. It'll also let you pick a specific checklist item to highlight for your team, so anyone viewing the Dashboard will see a specific checklist item's performance, front and center.

You'll want to be familiar with adding Widgets to a Dashboard. Full details are here.

Here's the step by step process

  • Use Explore to browse the individual checklist data

  • Sort to identify the lowest performing item

  • We'll add this overview chart to the Dashboard for future reference

  • Create a visualization that shows just the one item you want to focus on

  • Add it to the Dashboard

  • Now anyone viewing the Dashboard can immediately see that item's current performance!

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