Administrators will be able to add or remove widgets from Analyze Dashboards. Once modified, the updates will be visible to all users who view the Dashboard.

Remove a Widget

Click the Widget's settings menu icon in the upper right corner and select "Remove". Confirm that you want to remove it, and then that's it, it's gone!

Here's what it looks like end-to-end:

Add a Widget

Add From Explore

The main way to add a Widget to a Dashboard is through Explore. Use Explore to filter down to the visualization you want and then click the "Add to Dashboard" button and select the destination Dashboard. Your new Widget will be visible by anyone visiting the Dashboard.

Copy an Existing Widget

The other way to add a new Widget is to save a copy of an existing Widget already on the Dashboard. Click the Widget's settings dropdown icon in the upper right corner and select "Open in Explorer". This will open a an Explore window preloaded with the Widget. You can adjust the settings and then select "Save as New", then select the desired destination Dashboard. This will create a brand new Widget on the chosen Dashboard.

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