Guidelines in Qualaris give you a way to review CDC and other relevant guidelines specific for your business. You’ll also be able to quickly document that you’ve adopted the right guidelines in one place.

See relevant guidelines for your business in the “Guidelines” tab. Guidelines are organized by Sections, like “Promoting Behaviors that Reduce Spread”. Click into each Section to see guidelines around that topic.

Each Section references the source guidelines from the CDC and other authorities.

Inside each Section, Tasks break down each guideline. The first task is to read the original guideline. After you read it, check it off to show that you understand the guideline. After reading the original guideline, the next series of tasks are things you can do to put that guideline in place. These tasks could include policy updates, supply suggestions, and other adjustments. As you review and implement these tasks, check them off as well.

You may be familiar with many guidelines already, so you'll be able to check them off immediately.

Close the Section card to return to the Guideline tab. As you work through the topics and check off tasks, you'll see your progress next to each Section. Once you've completed every task for a given section the total will turn green.

Your goal is to get all Guideline tasks completed, indicating you're up to speed with the current guidance.

Pro-tip: if you have lots of outstanding tasks, you can assign tasks to your team to delegate and move faster.

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