The Qualaris COVID-19 Kit can help you provide real-time reports that can help leadership and stakeholders track progress on guidelines implementation and understand compliance over time. This part of the solution uses both the Card feature for Qualaris Improve and Qualaris Analyze.

Detailed step-by-step instructions for getting started

Report on implementation progress using the Cards page for Qualaris Improve

  • Note - follow the instructions in “Getting Started with Implementing Guidelines” first to locate your Card templates and fill them out

  • Navigate to your Qualaris Improve project and open the Cards page

  • Use the Card list as a project summary report. Print from your internet browser to generate a PDF or printed report to share.

  • Open a Card of interest and choose Save to PDF to generate a detailed report for the work implementing any specific recommendation

  • Tip - You can make the Cards easier for others to find by going to your Improve project’s settings page and adding colleagues as project members. This will make the project easier to find.

Report on compliance data using 

  • Note - follow the instructions in “Getting Started with Auditing Compliance” first to find and set up your audit templates

  • Navigate to Qualaris Analyze and open a topic of interest

  • Use the Dashboards tool to quickly view compliance data housewide and by unit

  • Use the Reports tool to generate weekly or monthly reports automatically distributed by email

Advanced techniques

Enriching implementation reports with Card labels, due dates, and members
Cards support some features to help keep your work further organized that will add more useful information to your reports on implementation progress. Use Card Labels to mark Cards as "Not Yet Implemented" or "Implemented" to make it easy for report viewers to interpret your progress. Use Card Due Dates to mark the date by which you'd like to complete all of the Card's work. Use Card Members to clarify who is responsible for overseeing or completing the work contained within a Card.

Email-based compliance reports
The Qualaris Analyze tool includes a feature called Reports. Reports offers canned reports available for weekly/monthly email subscription. Admins can sign others up for email subscriptions by going to Qualaris Manage and opening the feature "Report Subscriptions".  From the Settings page of Qualaris Analyze, you'll be able to adjust the reporting interval from weekly to monthly.

Dashboard customization
The Dashboard feature within Qualaris Analyze supports a degree of customization. Admins can click the gear icon on any chart to see and select different visualization options. These adjustments will be viewable by all users. From the Settings page of Qualaris Analyze, you'll be able to adjust the compliance goal and set the default timeframe of our dashboards.

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