The Qualaris COVID-19 Kit can help you monitor ongoing compliance with guideline practices and processes. This part of the solution uses templates set up in Qualaris Audit.

Detailed step-by-step instructions for getting started

Navigate to your templated Audits:

  • Go to Audit to view all audits in your organization

  • Click the audit group tag “COVID-19” to surface all audit templates

  • Tip - click the star button next to the audit forms to pin them to the top of your list

Collect a test audit while in Draft Mode:

  • Note - launched audits should initially be shown in Draft Mode which allows test audits to be submitted and easily deleted when you go live with real usage

  • Open an audit of interest

  • Complete the audit form and click submit to record the submission

Adjust audit forms if you need:

  • Note - Users with administrative privileges can customize any of the audit forms

  • Navigate to an audit of interest

  • Click “Edit” to open the editor

  • Make any changes to the form and then save them

  • Note - if you’d like help from Qualaris in correctly modifying audit forms, simply message us through the support chat. All changes happen within a business day.

Click “Go Live” to clear test data and use the form for real:

  • From the audit form, any admin can click “Go Live” on the Draft Mode banner to automatically delete test data and exit Draft Mode

Advanced techniques

Managing data collection
Qualaris can help you set collection goals and track contributions by user account. Go to your project in Improve and open the Data Collection section. You'll be able to set collection goals, track progress on reaching collection goals, and see a table summarizing audit submissions by user.

Emailing issues you find for service recovery
Qualaris can help you quickly share the findings of an audit with the right colleagues so that they can take action. When completing an audit submission, check the "Share this submission by Email" box to automatically send your submission by email to colleagues.

Adding conditional logic
Qualaris supports conditional logic in audit forms. Use this feature to add additional layers of hierarchy (e.g. group Units into Areas like "Inpatient" and "Outpatient"), show and hide checklist fields based on other answers (e.g. only ask OR-related questions when you're auditing the OR), and more. Contact Qualaris Support for assistance in getting conditional logic set up in an audit form.

Creating additional audit forms.
Qualaris supports the creation of any additional audit forms you need to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines. Admins can either click "+ New Audit" from the Audit tool to create their own customer tool or they can contact Qualaris Support to get help with building what they need.

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