The Qualaris COVID-19 Kit can help you organize and track the implementation of guidelines. This part of the solution uses templates set up in the feature Cards for Qualaris Improve.

Detailed step-by-step instructions for getting started

Navigate to your templated Cards.

  • Go to Improve to view all projects in your organization

  • View “All Projects,” search for the project “Qualaris COVID-19 Kit”, and open it

  • Tip - click the star button next to the project title to add it to your easy-to-view starred list

  • Go to the project feature, Cards, to access your templated Cards for implementing COVID-19 guidelines

Use a templated Card to track the implementation of a guideline:

  • From the Cards list, click any card you’d like to work on implementing

  • Note - each Card contains a link to the source guidelines and a list of implementation tasks

  • Mark each Task done when you’ve completed addressing the task

Advanced techniques

Assign tasks out to colleagues.
Qualaris supports the ability to assign out tasks to specific colleagues and to set task due dates. Simply click the edit button next to a task. Each persons assigned tasks can be found by clicking My Tasks on the Qualaris top bar.

Digitally collaborate over implementation tasks.
Qualaris offers a few useful features to facilitate digital collaboration over Cards and tasks.  Use the comments section of a Card to add notes. Using the "@" feature allows you to tag another user in your comment to get their attention. 

Customize your Cards and create new ones.
The Cards feature is easy to customize so you can coordinate the work that matters to use. When customizing the templated Cards, use the features like the Card's Description to add useful instructions or context on what's being work on to the Card. Use Attachments to keep important work files alongside the Card you're using to coordinate implementation. Add additional tasks to Cards to plan and coordinate additional work. When organizing additional action plans, click "+ New Card" to set up an empty Card you can customize to your work.

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