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My Tasks: organize your assigned work
My Tasks: organize your assigned work
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Coordinating plans and tasks for your many projects is really tough to do if you're dependent on spreadsheets, emails, and infrequent meetings. Staff often get overwhelmed by the many different assignments they need to keep straight across many projects. Project leaders can spend lots of time chasing after the activity updates that need. We've made it easy for anyone to quickly see everything assigned to them across all of their projects within Improve through the feature My Tasks.

Here's a quick overview of how My Tasks works to complement features within Improve.

Plans and work can be organized in Improve's projects using Cards. These Cards include the feature, Tasks, which can be used to organize specific work to be done including due dates, assignees, and completion status.

Within My Tasks you can see all assignments in one place. In other words, that's all Tasks assigned to you across all Cards within all Projects. My Tasks includes helpful sorting by due date and completion state. You can mark Tasks done from the My Tasks page. You also can click on the name of the Task to jump to the Card that contains it to get more information and do other work from the Card itself.

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