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Notifications and Members: Improve with your team
Notifications and Members: Improve with your team

Use built-in teamwork tools to drive improvement together

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Improvement rarely occurs without a team effort, which is why we've included features to streamline the coordination of improvement projects with your team.

  • add teammates as members of Improvement Projects

  • add teammates as members of Cards

  • receive notifications of important activity in your Improvement Projects and Cards

These initial team features are laying the groundwork for more powerful coordination features coming later.

Add members to an Improvement Project

From the settings tab of an Improvement Project you can add teammates to your Improvement Project. This gives them additional permissions, such as creating and editing project details. Eventually we'll use this as the basis for even more advanced team communication.

Default Permissions
All Qualaris users at your institution are able to view Improvement Projects, Timeline Notes and Cards. All users are also able to create Cards and participate in discussions on Cards.

In addition to the default permissions Members are able to perform administrative functions for this project. These include:

  • Edit an Improvement Project

  • Create/Edit/Delete Timeline Notes

  • Create/Edit/Delete Collection Goals

  • Edit/Delete Cards

Receive Notifications of Important Activity

As a member of an Improvement Project or Card you will be watching the activity associated with them.  New notifications are indicated by a blue dot next to the bell icon in the top right corner of the app. Click on it to see your Notifications.

On the Notifications page, you will see a detailed list of notifications, generated every time someone:

  • Creates a new Card

  • Modifies a Card

  • Comments on a Card

Additionally, you will be notified if you are added or removed as a member of an Improvement Projects or Card.


The Watching page allows you to keep track of Improvement Projects and Cards you are watching.  It also includes links for you to jump to so that you can modify your memberships or assignments, if needed.

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