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Insights: find the insights in your process data
Insights: find the insights in your process data

Visually spot trends and specific areas of focus in your data

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Insights is tool included as part of an Improvement Project that simplifies searching for trends in your Audit process data. Insights visually highlights the individual process checklist item performance of observed data, making it simple to spot which steps in your process are not being carried out reliability. It also shows a heatmap of each of the data attributes collected, which allows you to immediately spot which segments of the data struggle with specific process checklist steps. You can even create a a Card directly from your data by clicking on a bar, line, or table cell.
Insights is one part of how Qualaris helps you carry out best practices in effective improvement.

Show individual checklist item performance to see changes over time

Visually drill down into checklist performance by any additional attribute (such as unit, shift, etc) to quickly identify where to focus improvement effort

Embed graphs in Cards with just a click

If an interesting or worrying trend is present in the data you can click on it and create a new Card (or add it to an existing Card) referencing that specific piece of data. This allows unambiguous problem solving and discussion since the data is embedded visually right inside the Card. If the situation calls for it, multiple charts can be embedded into a Card.

Example questions that Insights can answer

  • "Which process step can I improve that will drive the most improvement on Unit 3C?"

  • "Is the step 'Collection bag emptied prior to transport?' a problem for all units or just a few?"

  • "In the past 3 months, which process step improved the most?"

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