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Data Collection: managing and tracking data collection
Data Collection: managing and tracking data collection

Collection goals, collection over time, and audits collected per user

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Data Collection is a sub-tool for Improve that simplifies managing audit collection for your projects. You can set collection targets and track collection over time against your goal. Along with collection counts over time you'll also have a table showing you audit collection counts by user account. You'll also generate a small dashboard on the Improve homepage to view collection details at a glance for many projects.

For project leaders coordinating collection for a specific audit across many units, setup a project for each unit to easily coordinate data collection for many locations.

For unit leaders coordinating collection for many different audits in their unit, filter the projects in Improve for easier coordination.

For audit collectors responsible for collecting observations, open the Projects tab from the Audit to quickly see your progress on meeting your collection goal, and click the collection dashboard to jump to the details of Data Collection.

The data collection feature automatically matches the same geographic scope as the improvement project (i.e. a project for unit 5N will only show data collection for 5N). You'll have the option to setup tracking for any audit you add to your improvement project on the Overview page.

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